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Prevent Ransomware & Data Breaches

According to IBM, the average time to identify and contain a data breach is 277 days. This startling statistic shows that threat actors have plenty of opportunity to scout your systems and plan their ransomware attack or data exfil strategies.

But why is the average dwell time so high, and why is it growing every year? A primary reason is that your existing security stack is unable to find compromises to operating systems that allow an attacker to hide and mask their activity. Invary’s Runtime Integrity service, built on technology invented by the NSA, uniquely detects these foundational compromises on day zero.

Have you been a victim of a ransomware or data breach attack? Invary is key in understanding if the attacker is really gone from your system or still dwelling in your OS. Spot check your systems now with RISe, and protect them moving forward with our Runtime Integrity service.

Prevent Ransomware & Data Breaches

Want to enhance your Zero Trust Architecture and stop hidden threats?

Why Invary?

Invary’s Runtime Integrity Service is crucial to your Zero Trust Architecture by adding information about the runtime integrity of your endpoints to your conditional access decisions.

Because our Runtime Integrity solution is based on appraising the invariant properties of an endpoint’s operating system, Invary can directly detect modification to the kernel that signal a loss of integrity without having to wait for new malware to be analyzed, for signatures to be created, or for indicators of compromise to be developed and deployed.