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Validate Your Runtime Integrity

MITRE’s Cyber Resiliency Design Principles states: “if a system element is assumed or required to have a given level of trustworthiness, some attestation mechanism is needed to verify that it has – and continues to retain – that level.” Yet operating systems, which control access to data and execution, are only assumed to be trusted, or at best only attested for trustworthiness at boot time.

Invary changes this, providing Runtime Integrity appraisals of your operating systems, attesting to their trustworthiness in real-time. Built on technology invented by the NSA’s Laboratory for Advanced Cybersecurity Research, Invary allows you to measure, not monitor, your systems and have confidence in their Integrity.

Understanding the Runtime Integrity of a system is a necessary foundation for making trust decisions. Invary enables this, and isn't stopping at the OS. Our aim is to ensure you can make trust decisions across machines and entire networks.

Validate Your Runtime Integrity

Want to enhance your Zero Trust Architecture and stop hidden threats?

Why Invary?

Invary’s Runtime Integrity Service is crucial to your Zero Trust Architecture by adding information about the runtime integrity of your endpoints to your conditional access decisions.

Because our Runtime Integrity solution is based on appraising the invariant properties of an endpoint’s operating system, Invary can directly detect modification to the kernel that signal a loss of integrity without having to wait for new malware to be analyzed, for signatures to be created, or for indicators of compromise to be developed and deployed.