Runtime Integrity Score

Malware can persist in your Linux operating system undetected, creating false confidence in your existing security posture. Examine your Linux operating system for hidden malware and remove assumptions about its integrity with Invary's FREE RISe service. For more information see our Frequently Asked Questions.

How it works

Step 01

Tell us about yourself including what Linux distribution you primarily use.
We use this information to enhance our products and interact with you about your Runtime  Integrity Score (RISe).
Click download to receive your company specific RISe binary.
step 01

Step 02

Execute your RISe agent on the system you wish to score
RISe will take a single measurement and send to Invary to score.
Your Runtime Integrity report is available at the private URL provided by RISe
RISe is read only and does not collect or transmit personal data
step 02

Step 03

A passing score on your RISe report indicates your operating system has integrity
A failed score indicates a lack of integrity and a potential compromise of your OS
If your operating system lacks integrity please follow your incident response procedures
Your RISe report also provides additional insights into your OS
step 03
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