Why I Joined Invary


Why Invary

I am absolutely thrilled and grateful to have joined Invary as Head of Sales. Delivering impactful solutions has been the focus of my career, and in my previous role at Cloudflare I developed a passion for cybersecurity. The team at Invary is incredible and the product that we are taking to market in conjunction with IP licensed from the NSA is truly novel and game changing. 

Over the past several years I worked with and learned from some of the best and the brightest at a top cloud company. Many of these folks became close friends. I got to partner with dozens of the most innovative organizations on a range of projects across network and application security, scalability, availability, and reliability. During this time the Internet was experiencing a period of tremendous demand. Cloudflare’s mission of making the internet a better place resonated with me and is something I still strongly believe in. 

So why did I join Invary, leaving an industry leading organization with great people, amazing customers, that is on a mission to solve a massive problem with a huge market opportunity? 

The answer is that I joined because the team, the tech, and the mission at Invary perfectly align with my drive to contribute to the greater good within technological advancement. Lightbulbs went on when I began to understand Invary's unique focus on Runtime Integrity. Unlike traditional security tools that primarily monitor systems for known threats, Invary measures the integrity of systems in real-time. This approach enables the detection of sophisticated threats that deceive or bypass other security measures. Organizations continue to spend more and more money and human capital on cybersecurity, yet data breaches and ransomware attacks are commonplace. There is a need to take a different approach and while there are hundreds of cybersecurity vendors in the marketplace with amazing technology that provide real value, there is an essential piece missing.

Invary’s world class team is building on technology licensed from the NSA’s Laboratory for Advanced CyberSecurity Research. This tech was developed for a vital reason. Today’s tools and technologies are primarily built to react, and almost every solution assumes that the OS is running with integrity. It is this assumption that is devastating to organizations and great for threat actors. As I’ve listened to security practitioners I hear references to whack-a-mole, cat and mouse, hide and seek, but what if we could stop playing those games?  

Invary isn’t seeking out malware while scrambling to stay ahead of 0 day threats. We capture a baseline of a known good system, continuously measure a target system at runtime, and appraise those measurements against the baseline, to ensure the system is only doing what it was designed to do. (A massively difficult and nuanced problem to solve, our CTO, Dr. Wes Peck goes into “how” here. Intended for a more technical audience) Regardless of what new vulnerabilities are developed, by using Invary to measure your runtime integrity, organizations can realize more value from their entire tech spend as they have now validated that the OS is truly secure. 

The ever evolving threat landscape requires a paradigm shift in the way we approach security and Invary enables organizations to be proactive. Invary isn’t here to replace your existing security stack, we are here to ensure that you aren’t spending your budget protecting compromised systems. 

Want to find out if your OS is compromised? Get your Runtime Integrity Score (RISe) for free at Invary.com/rise or connect with me at [email protected].