Invary Raises $1.85 Million in Pre-Seed Funding to Close Critical Gap in Zero Trust Security


We’re launching Invary to close a critical gap in zero trust security

Enterprise-grade cybersecurity has evolved dramatically over the past decade. That progress has culminated in today’s relatively fortified cyber defense landscape, replete with advanced systems like XDR, SIEM and CNAPP. But these defensive solutions share a dangerous flaw: They assume the most critical element of a runtime environment — the operating system (OS) — is uncompromised.

We know this is a dangerous assumption because nearly three out of four (72%) cyberattacks occur during production, according to Datadog. Solutions that do not monitor and protect the OS create immense vulnerabilities in an organization’s Zero Trust security infrastructure. Bad actors can — and will — exploit these vulnerabilities, leading to high-impact attacks like ransomware and data breaches.

Defensive gaps in the OS are too common and costly to be ignored. Yet no solution on the market securely thwarts infrastructural vulnerabilities in the OS.

Invary is about to change that.

Our flagship Runtime Integrity Service will be available to clients starting this summer and is designed to uncover and neutralize hidden threats that elude even the most advanced modern threat detection systems. It accomplishes this by mandating continuous validation of the OS, flagging any compromised components of a client’s OS and bolstering Zero Trust architecture. Invary’s Runtime Integrity solution is essential to any digital environment — especially enterprises looking to safeguard their operations from costly, downtime-causing breaches.

Additionally, we’ve already launched our free Runtime Integrity Score (RISe) service to demonstrate Invary’s superior value to an organization’s cybersecurity posture. We encourage you to run RISe to spot-check your system’s integrity and identify hidden malware.

Our team is committed to addressing the massive gap in Zero Trust architectures that has persisted for years. We built Invary’s highly perceptive and comprehensive solution on an exclusive intellectual property grant from the NSA, who spent years researching and hardening core Runtime Integrity techniques. We dedicated ourselves to augmenting this work, further validating the integrity of operating systems and ensuring the technology works in today's dynamic cloud-native environments, creating a powerful, safe and effective solution. Today, we’re launching Invary's Runtime Integrity Service to bring this necessary technology to organizations of all sizes.

The Invary leadership team brings decades of operational expertise in Trusted Computing research and reunites entrepreneurs with a successful history of collaboration. The company is spearheaded by CEO Jason Rogers, who has extensive experience building secure cloud-scale platforms, and scaling engineering and operations teams at industry leader Matterport through IPO. The team’s security credentials are further bolstered by founder Dr. Perry Alexander, a distinguished authority in Trusted Computing research and his protege and former student, Dr. Wesley Peck, the CTO of Invary, who obtained his PhD under Dr. Alexander’s guidance.

However, none of it would be possible without the contributions of our investors. We want to thank our pre-seed supporters for enabling us to launch Invary when it’s needed most. Invary raised $1.85 million in pre-seed funding — a figure that speaks to the dire necessity of OS runtime integrity solutions today.

Special gratitude goes to Flyover Capital, Network KS, a regional innovation network, and the KU Innovation Park, a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing growth in the technology and bioscience industries. This funding round has allowed us to accelerate our growth and enhance our technology, facilitating our aim to eradicate data breaches and ransomware attacks in the production environment.

Our mission at Invary is to fortify the security ecosystem by reinforcing Zero Trust principles. With the support of our investors, partners and future clients, we’re well-positioned to advance this mission.

Today, we launch more than a product — we take the first step toward a safer, more secure digital future. And we’re just getting started.